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Speaking since the event, Matt has said they just have a ‘bromance’ going on, and that Freddy is like his ‘little bro.’ So calm down everyone, don’t ship these two just yet. We have such a bromance going – no relationship I’m afraid guys, I’m sorry to say. Reps for Matt Terry and Freddy Parker have been contacted for comment.

Sorry man.’ He added: ‘No I don’t think we kissed but he would have been lucky if I did.’ There was some kissing going on though.

But I'm either not brave enough or either think I should just wait and see what happens at the end of the date or even wait till second date if that happens.

And despite previously playing it coy when it came to locking lips with Jonny, she dove right into the snogging task head-first, earning one of the highest scores of the entire task.Boys surfaced like rare sea-mammals for single sightings before sinking back into the fathomless unknown. After puberty, they simply swipe through the catalogue of boykind, picking and choosing who to pursue.To my inner teen, a 1990s girl, this sounds like paradise: boys on tap and privacy, too!So take things into your own hands and read our advice on how to snog to make sure your first kiss is memorable for the right reasons.The perfect kiss According to William Cane, author of The Art of Kissing, there IS such a thing as the perfect kiss.

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feeling your face flushed with a stupid grin on your face as your date watches you drive out of the pub car park...trying to look composed and confident as you put your foot down and drive out on to the main road to the jarring sound of someone tooting their horn and flashing their lights at you.... *sighs*Yeah I don't mind snogging on the first date. And anyway, at least you can gauge whether they are able to kiss properly or not.

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